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By Kennedy Ikantu Peretei.

When l released the series 10 of “Ondo State Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu’s Misrule”, it was greeted with disbelief. Some said it was a fairy tale. Others said, Ondo State was too enlightened for such mindless looting. Even the clueless Government Information machinery dismissed me as idle, challenging me to provide the facts.

Today, l serve only the first course of documentary evidence, independent, authorised search from the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) portal, so that, the doubting Thomases can come to terms with the fact that, indeed, Ondo State is under siege with Akeredolu and his family.

The independent findings revealed that the following companies are owned by the Akeredolu family:

  1. Erudit Limited: Every document prepared for Ondo State Government carries Erudit consulting. It is owned and operated by Babajide Akeredolu using a proxy, Ibrahim Ashanke. The Providus Bank, Akure Branch account run by Erudit shows it is all Babajide’s transactions.
  2. Pentabon Limited.
  3. Egimka Nigeria Limited is used for contracting purposes and has same Directors as Erudit, Pentabon and Egimka. The account details of these companies show they are all run by Babajide Akeredolu. 4.Terrenovo Agro solely owned by Babajide Akeredolu is part of the N5.5bn LPG project just commenced by ODSG.
  4. CLARIBET CONSULTING LIMITED is owned by Babajide and his mother, Betty. The Secretary is Babajide’s Personal Assistant, Damhindi Msendoo, whose name appears alternately as Director or Secretary of most of these companies.
  5. Limerite Limited is owned by Babajide Akeredolu and Ilesanmi Ademola (Brainbox). The Company Secretary is Damhindi Msendoo.
  6. PENTAGON MOTUSI LTD is owned by Babajide Akeredolu and Damhindi Msendoo as the Secretary.
  7. JAKOVIE ENERGY is owned by Babajide Akeredolu and being fronted for by Damhindi Msendoo as the MD. Jakovie has been awarded a rural electricity project in Ondo State as seen in a Vanguard publication which link is presented here:


For those who think we are peddling “beer parlour” rumours, it is better to wake up from your slumber to join the rest of us to rescue and rebuild Ondo State. Take your time to glean through the documents. We are not arm-chair critics. We do our due diligence. As critical stakeholders, we cannot fold our hands and allow this to continue.

As to the request to petition the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), the advice is un-necessary as, action is already being taken.

This series will continue shortly.

Kennedy Ikantu Peretei is the State Publicity Secretary of the PDP.

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