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By Kennedy Ikantu Peretei

Anybody who read the response of Mr. Babajide Akeredolu, son of Governor of Ondo State, to the allegations of his numerous companies used in syphoning funds from the government will at once recognise that, the young man has no business with public office. His poorly written and disjointed statement which came three clear days after the company details were made public, if anything was a confirmation of the allegations leveled against him. At least, he acknowledged ownership of five of the companies.

The statement of his defence, also showed the shallowness of his intellectual capacity. How such a spoilt brat earned so much respect from his father to make him an “Assistant Governor” is difficult to comprehend. It was his first official statement since his appointment as Director General, PPMIU, yet he used the opportunity to drop names and talked down on youths like him who he described as wasting time on social media making noise. He advised them to focus on diversifying their streams of income. For him, not to have a company of their own at age thirty was abnormal. Of all the trash he spewed out, not one addressed the allegations against him. All the companies he confessed to, were registered after his father became Governor in 2017. And to make mockery of his ignorance, he said most of those companies had no Bank Accounts. Also in his defence, he probably forgot to say anything about Terrenovo Agro Ltd and Jackovie Energy, whether they also have no bank accounts and have nothing to do with the Ondo State Government.

As to whether or not Babajide will step down from these companies as required by law by virtue of his new status is still not clear, as Government House spin doctors are confused with what information to volunteer in the Code of Conduct Bureau Assets Declaration Form for the young man.

There is no point joining issues with those political jobbers who fell over themselves, struggling to offer a word or two in defence of their paymaster. Some of them made matters worse, implicating the man they wished to defend. Others were completely ignorant of the issues in question. It would have been a lot better if they kept quiet than the public show of ignorance.

In civilised climes, Mr. Rotimi Akeredolu, SAN should have resigned as Governor of Ondo State, for abuse of his office and made to explain to the people what he knows about all these companies his son registered after being elected as Governor. Even if Akeredolu hides under the immunity clause of the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria (as amended) his wife, Betty and son Babajide will have to answer for their involvement in this looting of Ondo State funds.

This series will continue shortly…

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