APC PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARIES: Open Letter To President Muhammadu Buhari, All Progressives Congress (APC) Governors And National Delegates

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A popular Yoruba adage says “Tiaba nsukun, a ma n riran”, weeping shouldn’t stop us from seeing.. We are in a very critical stage of our survival as a nation; our diversity and unity line is very thin. And getting it right in 2023 seems the only viable solution that will take us out of our present political imbroglio.

We had a lot of lofty promises in sweeping PDP away in 2015 but unfortunately, we have not been able to achieve some of our promises as a result of the effects of 16 years of misrule and wanton destruction wreaked by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), leaving in its wake the root of hopelessness.

We must appreciate the sacrifices of President Muhammadu Buhari in restoring our dignity as a nation , we must appreciate the founding fathers of the All progressives Congress (APC), particularly Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, who ensured that money bag politicians were shamed and President Buhari got the APC ticket in 2015.

I am not writing this letter in my capacity as a commissioner in Osun State but as a young Nigerian who sincerely and passionately desires a better Nigeria for all; as a promising young Nigerian who is worried about the future of his children and as a young Nigerian who is worried about the massive brain drain experienced in the country as youths search for greener pastures and better life.

Can’t this country also be a green pasture? All hands must be on deck to ensure that APC gets it right in order to sustain the unity of this great nation, Nigeria. We must sincerely thank President Buhari for throwing his weight behind the southern presidency and the APC northern governors who have again displayed genuine commitment to oneness and the peace of our nation, knowing without doubt that the quest for disintegration of the nation has never been this much.

It is quite unfortunate that PDP has again shown that they do not care about the mood of the nation by picking a northern presidential candidate who incidentally doesn’t have the required acumen to tackle our challenges as a nation; PDP once again has been trapped by the whims of moneybag politicians. By zoning the presidency to the south, APC and President Buhari have shown fairness and justice much more than the PDP. The PDP’s choice is in bad faith and hinges on tribal and ethnic sentiments; such a political party can’t be trusted with power.

APC no doubt, parades a fantastic array of presidential materials but we have the best among equals, whose pedigree has shown clearly that he has the capacity to achieve and fulfill not only the common dream but also the dreams of our founding fathers; a worthy successor that President Buhari can be proud of; Atiku is not an underdog, so we must present a candidate with a workable manifesto that will not make Nigerians see PDP as a viable alternative.

We must present a visionary, loyal and selfless leader with high intellectual capacity. We are at the peak of our economic crisis and it is trite to note that we already have a man who has the experience to tackle this; he moved the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) of Lagos State from N600m in 1999 to N15bn as Governor. Today, the IGR of Lagos is over N40bn. We have a man who survived the onslaught of PDP, a man who experienced zero Federal allocation , yet, he ran Lagos State successfully; such a leader is highly required in this time of scarcity. Today, Lagos is the fourth largest economy in Africa, a lot of party faithful believes that he deserves the ticket because of the sacrifices he has made in the past; the enormous sacrifices he has made for the APC and the progressive family at large.

But beyond this, we need the best available material who can win election for us now; a lot went in getting power from PDP in 2015, we must not allow the power slip off our hands by presenting a wrong candidate. Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu holds the ace to APC’s victory in the next presidential election. Asiwaju might have his flaws like every other human being but he remains the hero of true democracy and a symbol of good governance. In the words of the renowned footballer, Austin Jay Jay Okocha, “Asiwaju made Lagos a place for all and a home for all.”

We are at the point where we need Asiwaju more than ever as a nation; our national delegates must stand by the truth, we must shun the moneybag politicians and pick the best just like we did in 2015 when we picked President Muhammadu Buhari, who was our best candidate then. We must again pick our best candidate now, and that obviously is Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a detribalized Nigerian, We must present our best.

Good governance should be devoid of religious and ethnic sentiments. It is on record that as Governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu saw potentials in Igbo people; in the Hausa, in people from South South and he brought them on board in his cabinet to move Lagos forward, his detribalized nature will no doubt be a key ingredient for the present situation in the country. He deserves to get our presidential ticket in the APC for the sake of our unity as a nation .

Truth is bitter; Asiwaju is being called a lot of unsavoury names simply because of the role he played in the emergence of President Muhammadu Buhari in 2015 and 2019. In spite of the fact that he has not held any position in the last 15 years, documentaries were prepared just to malign and discredit him in 2015 despite the fact that he was not on the ballot paper, he is attacked for all challenges in Nigeria; he is called names for bad roads in Aba, he is called names for security challenges in Yola and for all ills across the nation.

He has not asked for too much, he has the name bullion van politician all because of our great party. If some people he made decided to stab him in the back or betray him, the President and our governors must not betray Asiwaju. President Buhari as a true, devout Muslim and God-fearing leader should throw his support behind a man who will not betray him. Asiwaju’s absolute loyalty can’t be questioned; he is not like some of the aspirants who will surely betray the president and the party when they get power. If they can betray Asiwaju , the will betray President Buhari .

Mr President, APC governors and our esteemed National delegates must not hesitate in their support for Asiwaju’s aspiration, we must not allow the prayers of PDP, who are fervently praying that Asiwaju should not get the ticket be answered.

They prefer someone that would have been defeated by noon on the day of the election; we have a readily available material that is tested and trusted, he has the capacity to roundly defeat Atiku Abubakar. Asiwaju’s political tentacle is across board, I am sure the likes of HE Bala Muhammed, High Chief Rashidi Ladoja, HE Ayodele Fayose all of PDP can testify to this, the only way President Muhammadu Buhari can be remembered in 50 years time is for him to have a worthy successor such as Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, we urge our leaders in the APC to create a level playing ground just like President Muhammadu Buhari had in 2015.

Asiwaju’s manifesto in rejuvenating the economy is top notch; the understanding of the electric power challenge and solution as reflected in Asiwaju’s manifesto is mind boggling; his blueprint on agriculture, education and health is what is required at the moment for a better Nigeria. Asiwaju is needed to consolidate President Buhari’s efforts; it is indeed payback time for Asiwaju, who some of those he made have the courage to work or contest against his emergence as the flagbearer of our party.

Our delegates must stand by the truth and ensure we support a man who can roundly defeat Atiku Abubakar and restore our hope as a nation. Let us stand on the mandate of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu; we missed it in 1983, we missed it in 1993, we must not miss it in 2023. The mood of the nation is charged; President Buhari, APC governors and APC National delegates must stand by the truth by supporting Bola Ahmed Tinubu to be the flagbearer of our party for the sake of generations to come, let us get it right, if Tinubu wins, we all win for a better Nigeria.

ENGR REMI OMOWAIYE writes from Ilesa.

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