E-Swift Property Mart Announces Partnership With Yemie Fash As Brand Ambassador

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Swift Property Mart, a leading real estate company, is delighted to announce its exciting collaboration with Oluyemi Fasipe, widely known as Yemie Fash, a renowned social media personality and passionate youth advocate. This strategic partnership aims to leverage Yemie Fash’s influence and reach to promote E-Swift Property Mart’s services and engage with the youth market.

With a strong commitment to providing exceptional real estate solutions, E-Swift Property Mart has solidified its reputation as a trusted property firm in the industry. By joining forces with Yemie Fash, the company aims to further amplify its brand, strengthen its connection with the younger audience, and extend its market reach.

Yemie Fash, with a sizable social media following and an influential voice, has established himself as a respected figure in youth advocacy. By advocating for positive changes and empowering the younger generation, Yemie Fash aligns perfectly with E-Swift Property Mart’s vision and commitment to community development.

“As we journey towards our goal of becoming the preferred real estate company in the region, we are excited to partner with Yemie Fash as our brand ambassador,” said Mr Omolayo Ezekiel Tunde, CEO of E-Swift Property Mart. “Yemie Fash’s passion for creating a better future for the youth resonates with our values. We believe that this collaboration will contribute significantly to our brand’s visibility and enable us to engage with the younger demographic effectively.”

In his role as brand ambassador, Yemie Fash will actively promote E-Swift Property Mart’s services, participate in various marketing campaigns, and engage with his followers to create awareness about the company’s offerings. His vast knowledge and experience in social media will undoubtedly help strengthen the brand’s presence across multiple digital platforms.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the partnership, Yemie Fash stated, “I am truly honored to be chosen as the brand ambassador for E-Swift Property Mart. I believe in the company’s commitment to excellence and their determination to make a positive impact in the real estate industry. Together, we will strive to empower the youth and create opportunities for growth and success.”

This collaboration marks an important milestone for both E-Swift Property Mart and Yemie Fash. As they unite their strengths, expertise, and values, they are poised to make a lasting impact in the real estate sector and inspire positive change among the youth.

About E-Swift Property Mart:
E-Swift Property Mart is a leading real estate company dedicated to providing outstanding property solutions to clients. With a wide range of offerings, including property sales, rentals, and investment opportunities, E-Swift Property Mart aims to create value, enhance communities, and deliver exceptional customer service.

About Yemie Fash:
Oluyemi Fasipe, popularly known as Yemie Fash, is a renowned social media personality, youth advocate, and thought leader. Through his platforms, he actively engages with his followers, addresses socio-political issues, and promotes positive change, particularly among the youth.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Abayomi Oluwabusola,
Sales Marketer,
e-Swift PropertyMart,
Office address: No 8, Owo Avenue, OPP Royal Birds Hotel, Ijapo Estate, Akure, Ondo State.

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