Edo Poll: APC Chieftain Canvasses Votes For Obaseki

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Daily Metro News NG

A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Edo State and former presidential aspirant on the platform of the party, Chief Francis Onabis, has advanced reasons why Edo voters should re-elect incumbent Governor Godwin Obaseki for a second term in office.

He said that the re-election of Obaseki of the PDP for a second term of four years would allow the governor to consolidate on his achievements and deliver on his campaign promises to the electorate. 

According to him, re-electing the incumbent governor would translate to end of godfatherism and stomach infrastructure norms where selected few are in charge of the state resources while majority of residents wallow in abject poverty. 

Onabis who is the chief head of an Italy based financial consultancy outfit, Stillwater Consult, urged the residents to act right and vote wisely, adding that the forthcoming election was going to be a defining one for every Edo citizen.

The former APC presidential aspirant in a statement released to journalists in Abuja, enjoined the residents to act in unison by removing the stumbling block to the state’s development and progress through electoral process. 

Onabis appealed to party supporters in the state not to quit the APC but vote for Obaseki in the general interest of Edo State.

“It’s not about People’s Democratic Party (PDP) or All progressives Congress (APC). It’s about you and me, the future of our children and their children. We must not forget Edo State is one.

“Traditionally we are brothers and sisters irrespective of the part of the state you come from. We must join hands together to fight the common enemy. The people who are oppressing us, that do not care if you feed or not, that want you to continue to live your lives in abject poverty. That do not care if your children go to school or not.

“They are the same people who want to control our destiny and the destiny of our children and the ones unborn.

“Edo people have never been so divided as we are today just because of politics. This must not be the case. We must use this election to send a message that together we can do great things and change the destiny of a people. Yes together. Don’t let nobody deceive you again. Our future lies in our hands,” he said.

According to him, Governor Obaseki was a reformer who has interest of his people at heart and that he has reflected that in his transformation agenda for the people of the state. 

Onabis, who pointed that Obaseki’s undoing was daring to reform the way things were done in the state, urged residents of the state to disregard rumours that the incumbent governor was a bad for business. 

“Governor Obaseki as a financial consultant know how to manage finance and be prudent with it. He said no more sharing of our commonwealth. Everyone that is complaining today have all benefited from the government one way or the other. Their problem is they don’t have any other means of livelihood.

“Obaseki is aware of our problems. We have shared with him for the past four years our frustrations and this have made him have richer understanding of our people. If given a second term, he will work every day to live up to our expectations,” Onabis added.

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