FEATURE: 2023: Barr. Smart Omotadowa, Remains The Preferred Candidate To Represent Idanre

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By Adegoke Oluwaseun

In build up to the 2023 general elections, our concern in Ondo state are the various State Constituency seats. The peculiarity of our political space in Idanre has lead to many Aspirants desirous of representing the Hill-top city but no aspirant across the wards can stand the quality of the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate in Idanre in 2019, Barr. Smart Adeuyi Omotadowa, in the contest for member of the State House of Assembly come 2023 election.

All those being taunted and jostling to secure the ticket for the MHA in APC are protégés of Barr. Omotadowa and I believe they will not compete against him.

With the resources, strength and loyalty of Barr. Smart Omotadowa since 2011 when the party was struggling to establish her feet in the sand of Ondo state, he was there as the party’s philanthropist and builder. He sponsored the party then with his resources even though he knew that the election might not be in his favour that time because the government in power then was Labour party.

Let me use this opportunity to remind the people and Leaders of our party that he (Barr. Smart Omotadowa) was a notable member of the Engine that financed the party with his resources in collaboration with some notable party leaders in 2015 that led to the victory of the party in presidential, Senatorial and house of representatives elections.

I can still remember vividly in 2012 during Akeredolu’s Gubernatorial Election when he lost his 2009 Toyota Camry car in a fatal accident that nealy claimed his life. Only God saved his Life when he was coming from Lagos for the election.

I find it difficult for whatever reason why anyone would rise up today and be claiming that he has not contributed anything to the progress of the party in Idanre Local Government. When the party has not even found her root in Idanre, he spearheaded it from ACN days to the current APC now.

In all the political parties in the country, despite the fact that Zoning was not in the party’s constitution, the rules of zoning and fair sharing still persists. And that is what the political parties have been using from time immemorial. Ondo state is an example.

The governor is from the North Senatorial, his Deputy is from South and the Speaker of the state House of Assembly from Ondo Central!

Records has it that since the life of democracy in Idanre local government all political Wards/Zones have produced a member of the House of Assembly and many juicy position which will be highlighted in future to come, except Idale Zone which I believe is their time to produce the member to represent us in the House of Assembly.

I hope and appeal is that other aspirants shouldn’t waste his/her time and resources in prosecuting the election.

For the spirit of sportsmanship in the game of politics of Idanre , the pendulum should swing to the zone that has not produced any member to the house of Assembly.

In the spirit of fairness and reward for loyalty, Barrister Smart Adeuyi OMOTADOWA (SAO) is still the right choice and a round peg in a round hole.

Adegoke Oluwaseun is a Social commentator, writes from Odode-Idanre.

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