NAHCON CEO, Jalal, Seeks Service Improvements For Nigerian Pilgrims

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Fatima Sanda Usara

During his visit yesterday, 9th January 2024, to the Islamic development bank, the Chairman of National Hajj Commission of Nigeria, Malam Jalal Ahmad Arabi, sought for consolidation of the relationship established with the Islamic development bank. He expressed gratitude to the Vice President of Operations Dr Mansur Mukhtar, for the Technical assistance that NAHCON received in 2019 that facilitated an understudy and establishment of the Hajj Savings Scheme and the Hajj Institute of Nigeria. ( More details on the Islamic Development Bank visit will follow).

After meeting with Mashariq

The Chairman placed a request for engagement of Nigeria’s abundant skilled manpower such as Veterinary Doctors, manual labourers to offer services during Hajj especially under Hadaya. He equally requested IsDB to open a market for Nigeria to export sacrificial animals etc.

Malam Jalal Ahmad Arabi today 10th January 2024 continued to scout and assess alternative service providers to involve in serving Nigerian pilgrims where necessary. He visited other pilgrims’ Muttawif Establishments to understudy the services available in their packages. The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah had created windows for countries to select Pilgrims’ Establishment Mutawwif Companies of their choice as a way of encouraging competition favorable to pilgrims. He interacted with the Mashariq Mutawwif Establishment in this regard.

CEO signed agreement with United Agents Wukala

The Chairman had earlier consulted with Dr Abdulrahman Bejawi, Deputy Minister of Hajj in charge of Umrah and Ziyara in Madina. There, he sought commitment on issues concerning welfare of Nigerian pilgrims and safety of their property too. Malam Arabi equally eagerly accepted the Makkah Route project offered by the Deputy Minister, Nigeria being one among the seven countries offered the services. According to Dr Bejawi, over 30 countries have shown interest in this initiative.

Malam Jalal Arabi signed agreements with General Car syndicate, the United Agents Office as well as the Adillah Establishment of Madinah.

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