Opinion: Tofowomo’s Vituperations Against Eyitayo Jegede, SAN: A Pitiable Excuse In Leadership

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By Zadok Akintoye

The press interview granted by PDP Senator, representing the Southern Senatorial District of Ondo state to the Vanguard Newspaper edition of January 14, 2021, wherein he alluded to some imaginary reasons on why the PDP gubernatorial candidate in the 2020 governorship election, Mr Eyitayo Jegede SAN “lost” the election.

I am a bit perplexed as to the reasons and motive behind the constant attempt by Mr. Tofowomo to seek attention and find a scapegoat for his irresponsible acts during the process leading to that election. Of a fact, it is expected of any member of the PDP to work assiduously for the victory of our party irrespective of our personal interests and opinion. For Senator Tofowomo, I would ask him to give an account of his actions and stewardship (as a leader within the party) towards the attainment of the desired victory we all hoped for at the polls. I find the Senators comments a reflection of a post traumatic stress disorder caused by his constant failure in several orchestrated myopic attempts to foster disunity within the PDP.

Suffice it to say, that the timing of Mr. Tofowomo’s press interview just after our judicial masterstroke at the Tribunal may not be unconnected with already known compromises and gang ups by some elements in collusion with our opponents, to whittle down public opinion that has remained largely favorable to our party and candidate.

For the records, Mr. Tofowomo never supported the aspiration of the candidate of the PDP to either clinch the ticket of the party or to win at the polls. During the process leading to the gubernatorial primaries, Mr. Tofowomo supported a candidate who was able to garner a total of about 90 votes out of the over 2000 available votes and indeed, his support for his candidate (now a member of the Zenith Labor Party) even within the Southern Senatorial District achieved less than 20% of the available votes from that region. That tells clearly his level of influence and relevance within that region. Maybe he should work at strengthening his popularity at home rather than raising needless issues.

I would have expected the Senator to have humbled himself for being the recipient of the great support of the PDP that culminated in his election as a Senator against his lack of leadership capacity and political acumen required to lead that region. Allegations against him which are clearly evidenced in his constant action of always funding and supporting anti party activities, clearly points to his disqualification to speak on the outcome of the last election.

As PDP members, we all have a responsibility to remain faithful to our party and loyal to it’s cause and the constant actions and utterances of the Senator clearly shows that while he holds the mandate of the PDP, his heart does not seek it’s success as a party. On his claims of advising the candidate of the party to “prostrate for the elders of the party” which he alleges was rebuffed, the Senator clearly shows his true intents at inciting division within our ranks. It is on record that the candidate of the PDP remains a deeply humble individual, who defers to the hierarchy of leadership within the party and who (upon winning the primaries) made several visits to leaders across the entire state. Mr. Tofowomo’s allusion is clearly an attempt to find excuses and incite the ears of rumor mongers who thrive on petty beer parlour fantasies. Let the Senator mention those whom the candidate refused to pay courtesy and respect to in the South and indeed the entire state.

Reading through his claims of not being supported by Mr. Eyitayo Jegede SAN in his Senatorial ambition, my conclusion is this, if he (Tofowomo) after having won the seat he contested for still bears this infantile grudge against Mr. Jegede, then we can conclude that the real purpose of his constant “excusory” vituperations against the latter is borne out of a heart that requires redemption and healing.

On his claim of being given N2m as against the suggested N10m from the presidential campaign fund of which Mr. Eyitayo Jegede SAN was a coordinator, I would ask that the Senator reverts back to the position raised by the former Chairman of the PDP, Engr. Clement Faboyede wherein it was stated that amendments were made to ensure that the larger percentage of funds where sent to the grassroots in a bid to ensure we won that election. Suffice it to say that all other states in the Southwest that used the template as suggested by the National Campaign Council in that election, lost the presidential election. Mr. Tofowomos’ victory ( of which he is now complaining of being given N2m) was a product of the ingenuity of leadership to ensure that all areas and sectors of the campaign plan, were effectively funded.

I would not want to join issues with his subtle attempt to accuse the candidate of the party of shortchanging/defrauding him but would ask all discerning watchers to consider the person of this individual, his antecedents and character and to simply disregard his uninformed position on the matter.

The other matters of claiming that the candidate did not appeal to a former member of the party and current Deputy Governor, Hon Agboola Ajayi and former National Vice Chairman, Dr. Olorogun Eddy Olafeso, the facts are public and requires no comments beyond the fact that it proves clearly Mr. Tofowomo’s penchant for promoting discord. In the words of the late musical legend, Orlando Owoh, “Okete, ba yi ni iwa e” (Mr. Squirrel, your acts remains evident)

Finally, I would advise and suggest to the Senator to rise above his innate failure to see the importance of not being seen as a troublemaker. As Yorubas, the Omoluabi principles by which our ancestors define our culture, teaches us to not always be the promoter of conflict and dissent. As a leader of the party in an entire senatorial district, Mr. Tofowomo should be circumspect on leading his people; firstly, for the unity of the people and secondly for the promotion of peace and harmony in the state. As a national representative of the people, Mr. Tofowomo should also know that his constant excusory vituperations, tells badly on how his state and people are perceived. I would assume that the statements alleged to have been made by him were made in error.

God bless Ondo state

Zadok Akintoye
Member; Ondo State PDP

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