P&ID Update: UK Court Orders Return Of Nigeria’s $200m Guarantee

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Agency Report

A London Commercial court has ordered the release of the $200m guarantee Nigeria placed as security for the stay of execution of Messrs. Process and Industrial Development Limited (P&ID’s) claims.

A statement obtained from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) said the release of the $200 million security deposit has swollen the country’s foreign reserve.

According to the CBN, Nigeria filed an appeal “against the judgment of Justice Butcher for the execution of the Arbitral award of $10billion in favour of Messrs. Process and Industrial Development Limited (P&ID)”.

“The court presided over by Sir Ross Cranston rejected the request of P&ID to increase the security to $400 million and instead ordered cost of £70,000 against P&ID”.

Commenting on the new development, the CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele, expressed pleasure that the Court rejected the P&ID’s application to increase the guarantee, which he noted was clearly intended to be a diversionary tactic and entirely misconceived.

According to Emefiele, “Due to the substantial evidence of prima facie fraud established before the Court, we are pleased that the Judge has agreed to release the guarantee.

“This release, which is an accretion into the reserves, will further enhance the nation’s management of the exchange rate of its domestic currency, the Naira while ensuring monetary and price stability,” he added.

The CBN governor said, “Tuesday’s order is seen as a further and significant victory for Nigeria in its determination to overturn the US$10 billion award procured through fraud and corruption by P&ID and former government officials”.

The CBN said a government source had assured that: “the Nigerian Government is determined to secure justice for the people of Nigeria – no matter how long it takes”.

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