Post COVID-19: Imo Assembly Moves To Reduce Poverty

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Pained at the adverse effects of COVID 19, Activities of kidnappers, Arsonists, Escapades of unknown Gunmen and the General down turn of the State economy, the Imo State House Of Assembly has moved in to proffer solution, with urgent call to alleviate the situation.

This follows a Motion moved by Hon Chigozie Nwaneri, member representing Oru East State Constituency, during plenary on Tuesday. The motion titled: “MOTION TO URGE HIS EXCELLENCY SENATOR HOPE UZODIMMA, GOVERNOR OF IMO STATE, TO ESTABLISH A SCHEME TO AID THE UNDER-PRIVILEGED INDIGENT AND VULNERABLE PEOPLE OF IMO STATE”

Making his points about the motion, Hon Chigozie Nwaneri explained that the people of Imo State have been suffering from the adverse effects of COVID-19, escapades of Unknown Gunmen, kidnappers, Arsonists etc, within the past few years, pointing out that most people are yet to recover financially as the result of business loss, occasioned by these effects.

He further explained that the economy of the State has been adversely affected, which have resulted in more glaring cases of poverty among people of the low income bracket. To this end therefore, Hon Chigozie Nwaneri argued that it has become imperative for measures to be put in place to both stimulate the economy and to alleviate the situation, through the establishment of Schemes and Empowerment programmes that would target the most vulnerable and indigent in the society, to assist, in terms of Skills acquisition and start-up capital , support to businesses, supply of equipment, working tools (after training) etc.

The motion which received overwhelming support from other Honourable members, was seconded by Hon Ngozi Obiefule, member representing Isu State Constituency. In supporting the motion, Honourables Uju Onwudiwe, Arthur Egwim, Ngozi Obiefule, Kanayo Onyemaechi, Rt Hon. Collins Chiji and Rt Hon. Kennedy Chidozie Ibeh all agreed it was the right and urgent thing to do.

Nevertheless, Hon Arthur Egwim (Ideato North State Constituency), redirected the Sponsor of the motion to include “THANKING” the Governor while urging him to “do more” on Poverty Alleviation, pointing out that His Excellency, The Governor has already Introduced PALLIATIVES to reduce these adverse effects in the State, especially, Palliative on COVID-19 and the recent Promotion in the State Civil Service for all Civil Servants.

Also, Rt Hon. Kennedy Chidozie Ibeh, (Obowo State Constituency), in his contribution, commended the mover of the motion and further advised that Incentives and Palliatives for the vulnerable people should be centred more on Budgetary Allocation for Poverty Alleviation.

The Speaker, Rt Hon. Barrister Anthony Emeka Nduka, having listened to the debates and contributions of all members, put it to vote, and it was unanimously endorsed, thus, “Be it resolved by this Honourable House to commend His Excellency Governor Hope Uzodinma for providing Palliatives for the People of Imo State during COVID-19 and to further urge him to do more by establishing schemes that will target the most vulnerable and indigent in the society, to assist them, in terms of Skill Acquisition and Start-ups or Support of Businesses, Supply of Equipment or Working Tools after training, in order to alleviate their sufferings, mostly attributed to the effect of COVID-19, Escapades of Unknown Gunmen, kidnappers, Arsonists etc”

Be it also resolved by this Honourable House to urge the Governor to improve the incomes of/empower the under-privilegded indigent and vulnerable persons in the State, by initiating schemes to channel monthly stipends to them, in order to enhance their standard of living, while indirectly also, stimulating the economy of the State”

Furthermore, “the Bill for the Law for the establishment of Magistrates Courts of Imo State of Nigeria, and for the Appointment of Magistrates, Justice of Peace and other Officers of the Courts and for other purposes relating to the Administration of Justice has been passed”. The Bill increases the jurisdiction of the Magistrates Court in the State, thereby decongesting the State High Courts. The Bill, having passed the Committee of the whole and third reading, the Clerk was directed by the Speaker to produce clean copies for His Excellency The Governor’s assent.

Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha
(Office Of The Speaker IMHA)

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