Still On Gov. Badaru And Funding Of Sule Lamido University, Kafin-Hausa

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By Adamu Muhd Usman

Sometimes I’m confused by what I think is really obvious. But what I think is really obvious obviously isn’t obvious…

——Michael Stipe (American Singer and Song Writer, (1960)

There is a strong consensus among Jigawa people that Jigawa state has drifted from the path of development as it was during the tenure of former Governor Dr. Sule Lamido. What it is now; is not what ought to be- there is lack of progress on what was done during Lamido.

It is very true and glaring what Jigawa is lacking good leadership, now. What is completely missing in the leadership style of Nigerian political leaders is attending to the basic things, while looking ahead for the future.

In Nigeria, the love for holistic approach to programs, projects and setting up of system and institutions is very glaring. The state policy formulators, and the executives find holistic approach irresistible.

The leadership of Jigawa adores ‘’carrying the camels and its loads. Good leadership and good governance are back bone of progress and peaceful co-existence of any society. There has been a serious disconnects over the years between the leaders and the people such that the people have often lost confidence in present Jigawa leadership

I would like to look at the issues from a neutral perspective, so that the people can be the judges concerning the plan to stop the local government  2% contribution to Sule Lamido University Kafin-Hausa 

The Jigawa state governor has on Wednesday, September 9, 2020 addressed the newsmen in Dutse, the state capital and reiterated his government commitment to continue fund Sule Lamido University Kafin-Hausa.

This is as a result of the state government and State House of Assembly move to abrogate the law that necessitated the Local government to contribute 2% from their monthly allocation to the state varsity to run the affairs of the university.

The governor said, the law that necessitated LG to fund the university is unlawful. Please imagine this! After six years out of eight years to as the governor of the Jigawa state, it is now that Badaru realized that, the contribution is unlawful- what a world!

He also said, it is the responsibility of every state government to fully fund high institutions and not LG. But all the northern state universities are funded by  contribution by LG . Why would  Jigawa state be different?

One thing to observe is, before the coming of Badaru as Jigawa governor, the percentage the varsity receives is 2% only but Badaru wants to tactically slash (prohibit) the 2%. Why please? 

Governor Badaru said the cost of the university was awarded at the cost of 7 billion naira but the previous administration paid 3 billion. His government paid over 5 billion and still TETFUND spent worth 3 billion naira. So am lost in this calculation and it shows something is fishy about the cost of the building and what was spent so far. Please who can reconcile this?

Even if governor Badaru spent over 5 billion naira he deserves not to complain or point  failure of the previous administration or gave the credit to himself because government is a continuous process

.What the Lamido  administration did in the university from 2013-2015 (2 years) is amazing and historic – conceptualization, building and take-up of the university with just 3 billion.  In 6 years, with 6 billion, Gov. Badaru did not do one quarter of what Sule Lamido administration did.

To this regard, if I may ask governor Badaru, where and what did you do with the over 15 billion naira refund of Dutse Airport you received . Jigawa masses need explanation please Mr. Governor.

Your assertion that you were a graduate and you will be the last person to hamper for the  development of the university, this is questionable because from your present move you don’t care about the progress of the university, happiness and wellbeing of the Jigawa masses. 

If the 2% allocation was removed from LG account to be transferred to state account it means the Jigawa masses will suffer the consequence. If you cannot pay annual WAEC examination for Jigawa indigenes, make a proper feeding for the boarding schools and even refused to pay “Kudin Akwai” despite law governing the payment of that stuff it is simply the university fund cannot be funded by the you (state government) 

One major thing one needs to consider is, funding a university is a big task and beyond an announcement, televised news or  radio statement. The recurrent and capital expenditure of a university might be almost half of the total states expenditure in a year ,especially where it will be done as appropriate.

Many are of view that, at the end result of such a move (bill) is to collapse and finally ends the operations and structures of the university and open a fresh agenda (discussion) for its sales to the public. All these are just the preparatory stages towards that

Your Excellency please bear in mind that,, the people of jigawa state are blessed and have realized their potentials and are determined to keep it that way as being oriented by Lamido’s administration. As the Hausa put it “Kan Mage ya Waye”, and if anyone is in doubt, the present experience should be the warning signs. Also if you cannot be a pencil to write and extol your predecessor, Sule Lamido’s achievements and legacies at least don’t be an eraser to clean and discredit them.

Lastly, the state assembly members should as well think twice on this planned  idea which is alleged to be  an executive bill and it is anti-peoples bill.

The house should checkmate the affairs of the governor and know their responsibilities as law makers. They should not try to be bench-warmers and toothless bulldogs. Governor Badaru needs to tighten his belt very well and govern with speed and forget that idea of relocating the 2% to state government account because it is ill timed. 

We wish you God’s guidance and we pray to God to save you from this predicament. 

Your Excellency, what people care and mind is honesty, transparency, accountability, equity and commitment and pursue and maintaining of a meaningful development for Jigawa to reach a greater height. May God come to our aid, protect and bless us all. Ameen

Adamu is Media aide to Dr. Sule Lamido (CON)

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